Sibling Rivalry Resolve

This course is a specially designed course by Sri Narayani where you will find

  • the reasons behind the sibling rivalry
  • various techniques to resolve the sibling fight
  • various dont’s which parents must resist
  • counseling techniques
  • activities to affect their conscious learning to share

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Why does sibling rivalry exist?

A sibling rivalry is a normal scene in every family where two or more children are there. They fight over one thing and feel that the parent loves the sibling more.
They feel irritated, shout at each other, and sometimes even hurt each other. After a child is born, the elder child feels dethroned and so he tries to hurt the younger one.
There is also a feeling of competition amongst them because the parents usually compare them with each other. They try to win the gain significance in the eyes of the family.
They also feel hurt and so they hurt back each other.
All these are consistent causes of anxiety for parents. Parents either ignore them and take it lightly or they take a lot of tension over this matter. Mothers usually do not know how to resolve this rivalry.

About the course

This course elaborates the do’s and dont’s in sibling rivalry cases. This course will help you to find various ways by which this fight can be resolved very easily. Counseling is also required to be given to children in the right way. Sri Narayani would give you the right way to approach such handle such sibling fights. The course will also enumerate some activities which can influence the subconscious mind of the child. In this way, the child learns to be more cooperative, loving, and compatible with the sibling.

About Your Parenting Coach

Sri Narayani is a Chartered Accountant turned into a Parenting Coach. She is an author of 33 books and a renowned CA faculty. Now she is a principal of a Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school. Being a mother of 3 boys and with experience of teaching more than 52,000 students, she is now on a mission to make 1 million happy families and cultivate bright and responsible children. Understanding the heart of every child, she has transformed the lives of thousands of families.

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  1. CA Sonu Gupta Mam

    Archana Bhagat

    My children have learned to cooperate with each other. After I learned and applied the learnings of this course, they automatically find the solution to their differences. I am very happy. Thanks a lot for guidance. Thanks to Sri Narayani mam.

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