Holistic Communication Skills

A very Special parenting communication skills Program includes


  • Art of Listening
  • Art of words choice
  • How to Activate the brain of the child
  • How to make children responsible
  • How to be kind and firm simultaneously
  • How to correct the child
  • How to understand their desires
  • How to make them cooperative
  • How to encourage the child


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Why do Parents need to learn Holistic Communication Skills?

The program is a special parenting communication skills training program where you will be able to learn new techniques to activate the brain of the child. He/she can think actively and clearly as to how to fulfill their target. He would act responsibly.

Sri Narayani Ma’am will also help you to maintain peace in the family and enhance love and cooperation. The children would be able to become Problem solvers & not problem creators.

Parenting communication Skill development also helps to become kind & firm. Children learn to become focused instead of throwing tantrums. This is the new 21st-century language of training kids with the touch of a holistic view of life and character development. Believe me, children do not need psychologists. They just need your words which do not hurt them every parent needs to do this course to develop their children. The holistic communication skills course teaches the language of training kids with the touch of holistic life skills.

About Your Parenting Coach

Sri Narayani is a Chartered Accountant turned into a Parenting Coach. She is an author of 33 books and a renowned CA faculty. Now she is a principal of a Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school. Being a mother of 3 boys and with experience of teaching more than 52,000 students, she is now on a mission to make 1 million happy families and cultivate bright and responsible children. Understanding the heart of every child, she has transformed the lives of thousands of families.

This session is the foundational course, where the focus is to build trust and bonding within the family. Let’s modify the thinking pattern of the family and transform it, and then the children will automatically change.

Holistic parenting formula is an urgent necessity of every parent by which they can learn to transform their children from problem creators to problem solvers. A child who knows what’s bad for him and can restrain himself can excel in their life towards heights.

You also get

You also get three months of free subscriptions to weekly Holistic meetups where you can meet with the coach. One can ask his questions and also learn from others’ life situations. A never-before offer for you.


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