Handling Foul Language

This course will help a parent to learn:

  • The Psychology of child behind the foul language
  • How to stop it completely.
  • How to prevent it from the beginning.
  • How to use child Counselling so that he or she does not use such words in the future.
  • Suggesting more acceptable language or some constructive outlets for letting out extreme emotions like anger or frustration.


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Increasing trend of children using Foul words

Hearing foul language from your child may be a shock for you. These days, survey shows a drastic increase in the use of bad language, especially in teenagers. Initially, such words may come out like a slip of tongue but then slowly they gain a tendency to increase their use.

Children are learning to swear at an early age. They mimic the words they have heard although they have no idea of what they are actually saying. They can head towards the bad side using this foul language.

Hence, in this  course parent will learn to teach his child regarding this foul language and will try to stop him.

What are the reasons behind this trend?

Excess use of media starting from childhood
Kids are exposed to underrated shows.
Parents use bad language.
Servants and Baby sitters use foul words
School friends use these words
undertraining of the child regarding these words
Show off amongst friends
when children get frustrated, shocked, angry, or thrilled as vent out of their emotions.

About your Parenting Coach

Sri Narayani is a Chartered Accountant turned into a Parenting Coach. She is an author of 33 books and a renowned CA faculty. Now she is a principal of a Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school. Being a mother of 3 boys and with experience of teaching more than 52,000 students, she is now on a mission to make 1 million happy families and cultivate bright and responsible children. Understanding the heart of every child, she has transformed the lives of thousands of families.

This session is the foundational course, where the focus is to build trust and bonding within the family. Let’s modify the thinking pattern of the family and transform it, and then the children will automatically change.

Holistic parenting formula is an urgent necessity of every parent by which they can learn to transform their children from problem creators to problem solvers. A child who knows what’s bad for him and can restrain himself can excel in their life towards heights.

You also get

You also get three months of free subscriptions to weekly Holistic meetups where you can meet with the coach. One can ask his questions and also learn from others’ life situations. A never-before offer for you.




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