Cooperative Child Formula

This course will help a parent to learn:

  • How to involve children in daily household chores and make them cooperative.
  • The language and behavior of parents who will involve their children.
  • How to face the challenges involved in making the child cooperative.
  • A variety of household activities are also given which parents can use according to the age of the child.
  • How to inculcate a life skill in your child for life.


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Why is important to make the Child Cooperative?

According to many types of research, the child who helps in household work has better skills, care, and problem-solving attitude. Well-known research of Harvard proved that the children who help in daily work at home fare better in psychosocial variables and biological processes. Making your Child Cooperative will be better for his future only.

Such cooperative attitude is very much required as children learn:

Humbleness: The child becomes more humble towards parents and elders because they can understand the efforts done by them.

Life skills: The life skills of cleaning, moping, etc help them handle all these work throughout life easily. The children get proficient in the relationship skills

Feels competent: The children who do household work feel competent and empowered and so their confidence in problem-solving increases.

Teamwork: Such children know the art of working in a team. They know the importance of teamwork and how to handle various issues which may arise while working in a team. They learn to cooperate, negotiate, communicate clearly as a team member.

Reduce Stress: When children participate in household work, They not only reduce family stress of work but also reduce their own mental stress. When children do physical activities, their mental stress reduces drastically.

Develops Servitude: Children who help in their childhood generate a service attitude. Their mercy factor is also more than others. So such children serve their parents in old age too. There are surveys that such children help in even social problems, without just becoming selfish.

So in this course you will learn about how to make your child cooperative.

About your Parenting Coach

Sri Narayani is a Chartered Accountant turned into a Parenting Coach. She is an author of 33 books and a renowned CA faculty. Now she is a principal of a Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school. Being a mother of 3 boys and with experience of teaching more than 52,000 students, she is now on a mission to make 1 million happy families and cultivate bright and responsible children. Understanding the heart of every child, she has transformed the lives of thousands of families.

This session is the foundational course, where the focus is to build trust and bonding within the family. Let’s modify the thinking pattern of the family and transform it, and then the children will automatically change.

Holistic parenting formula is an urgent necessity of every parent by which they can learn to transform their children from problem creators to problem solvers. A child who knows what’s bad for him and can restrain himself can excel in their life towards heights.

You also get

You also get three months of free subscriptions to weekly Holistic meetups where you can meet with the coach. One can ask his questions and also learn from others’ life situations. A never-before offer for you.


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