Angry Child Solutions

Angry Child Formula is a special formula where parents can learn

  • How to handle anger outbursts in children
  • How to ease off tantrums
  • How to help a child after angry moments
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Training child not to be angry
  • Right Communication in Right Mindset


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Anger is an emotion that everyone possesses, even from a small child to an adult, everyone feels anger in agitation situations but children are usually not able to control high tide in emotions.
In this situation, children become aggressive, they hurt others, throw away things, shout, cry, throw all types of tantrums, and sometimes become depressed. Parents usually complained of the outburst of anger in the child and they are bewildered as to how to handle these situations. To conquer anger in your child attend this special course on the topic “Angry Child Solutions”.

About the Course

Sri Narayani Ma’am has a special formula where she will be sharing various tips & tricks to have control over the situation. She will also be giving the methods by which such situations may not arise. Discussion will be on prevention and cure strategies. Special formula will be given so that you can uproot the problem itself.

About Your Parenting Coach

Sri Narayani is a Chartered Accountant turned into a Parenting Coach. She is an author of 33 books and a renowned CA faculty. Now she is a principal of a Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school. Being a mother of 3 boys and with experience of teaching more than 52,000 students, she is now on a mission to make 1 million happy families and cultivate bright and responsible children. Understanding the heart of every child, she has transformed the lives of thousands of families.

This session is the foundational course, where the focus is to build trust and bonding within the family. Let’s modify the thinking pattern of the family and transform it, and then the children will automatically change.

You also get

You also get three months of free subscriptions to weekly Holistic meetups where you can meet with the coach. One can ask his questions and also learn from others’ life situations. A never-before offer for you.


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