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The age group of 6 to 12 years is the stage where the personality of the child is defined. They start going to formal school and learn to socialize with friends. Their power, vocabulary, awareness of the world, and self-discipline become an ongoing developmental process. They gain better control over emotions.

Children do not have experience in setting goals or measuring their own strengths and weaknesses. Parents should give proper guidance at this stage using a holistic parenting approach.
Digital World children of this age need a specific language and methodology for proper training which every parent must learn.
Poshan gives you a series of systematic courses for this age group. you can learn to navigate the direction of their little boat who is growing in the big ship

Holistic Parenting Formula

A complete Magic module to give you grip over situation and understand the principles of Holistic Parenting.


Sibling Rivalry Resolve

Does your children fight. What’s the solution. How to make them cooperate and be with each other.


Cooperative Child Formula

It’s very important that the team should behave like a team. For that we need the cooperation of children too. How to do that?


Handling Foul Language

Use of Foul work have a increasing trend. How to solve this problem is a big concern for descent families. Let know about it.


Holistic Communication Skills

The new generation learns with a new type of language. We need to learn this new language so that our children can understand us.


Angry Child Formula

The children becomes very angry sometimes. How to reduce their anger and make them cool and composed.