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In the first five years of childhood, a child’s brain has maximum development. The child learns to communicate, think and socialize along with physical and emotional development. These foundational years of life are very critical. There is vital gross and subtle motor development because of which they earn the capability to explore the intelligence. Research shows that only 5% of parents in India, recognize the importance of these years.
Holistic Parenting PALAN course is a combination of various courses which is going to be a complete learning experience for parents. You can learn all the concepts related to healthy eating, physical activities, learning process, behavior & relationships. These courses are intended to help parents to understand what to expect from the child and provide adequate training and support to the child at each stage

Holistic Parenting Formula

A complete Magic module to give you grip over situation and understand the principles of Holistic Parenting.


Cooperative Child Formula

It’s very important that the team should behave like a team. For that we need the cooperation of children too. How to do that?