A Direction is a journey that each one of us creates and defines.

Our Theory

Basically, we understand that leading a simple life is not as simple as it sounds. And not everyone is privileged enough to have the opportunity to live it. Some of us go through years and years of education, hard work and rejection before we can achieve it, and to have the chance to do so is also a privilege. There are many students out there who cannot study because their families cannot afford it, and because they lend an earning hand that cannot be compromised for education. Then there are the adults, who wish they could have studied more because now they realize how much it could have broadened their horizons.

Think about that one thing, that one subject, that you always wanted to master, or that profession that you wish could have pursued. Not everything you want to learn can be learnt, since our everyday lives do not allow us that much time. But what if, you could learn in those little moments you had to yourself? Our lives are far from simple, and in order to go on with vigor and determination, learning should never stop under any circumstance.

Our Mission:

PARENTISH has a mission to empower mankind with quality education and reach even the unreachable.

Our Vision:

PARENTISH’s vision is to bring innovations in learning process and use technology to provide formal education and skill enhancement programs.

What we have to Offer

We understand all this, and a lot more that is a part and parcel of daily life but is unseen and unsaid. Therefore , PARENTISH have brought together and the most brilliants minds in every felid so that they can help you learn what you have always wanted to learn and achieve your dreams. So whether you want more help with your CA/CS coaching, understand digital innovations, a preparing for civil services examinations, or anything else, there are chances we have professionals on board offering you the best support. If  we don’t then it will be coming soon, because we believe learning should neither stop nor be limited to anything.

How it Works

Our courses are delivered via video lectures, which can be accessed by anyone. All you need is a working internet connection, and a device that can support video streaming. We understand that not everyone has access to round the clock internet connection. This is why we made sure our videos are also downloadable. You will be given a Key, which will give you access to our video library, from where you can download videos that suit your needs.

Curiosity paves way to brilliance. Every good student will have questions when they study, and we will work hard so as to not let our students stifle their doubts because there is no one to clear them. Therefore, once a week, our teachers will be live via Facebook live or YouTube to clear any doubts that our students may have.

Our payment plans are designed after keeping in mind our audiences and the absolute need for good education. We offer monthly subscriptions as well as individual course purchases, so that you can choose whichever plan suits you well and money becomes the last thing on your mind while you are learning your way up. Even if you have studied earlier and you feel that you want to understand a particular chapter/ Topic in depth again, PARENTISH offers you chapter-wise access so that you can win over some fears on some areas.

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Our Founder

When a responsibility as significant as education is placed in someone’s hands, it becomes crucial to know more about the hands that will be dealing with it. Our founder is CA Sonu Gupta, who is an educator, Chartered accountant, humanitarian and author of over 32 books on Accounts and finance. She is an acclaimed speaker, teacher trainer, a trainer at income tax department and has more than 23 years of teaching experience. In these years, she produced many all India toppers in her subject. Her primary faith is in conceptual clarity, which has also been the back bone of all her teachings.


In her own academics, she topped Hindu college, Delhi University in all three years of her graduation, has been honored with several awards, including  the National Talent Search scholarship. In her CA final, scored 91%. Today, she believes in integrating the latest technology like multimedia and PowerPoints to make education simpler, and thus started off with this foundation.

Why Us?

We have only recently converted to PARENTISH. Before that, we were known as GM educations. With 23 years of experience in the field of education, we can assure you that we know what we are talking about. Over the years, we had more than 100 branches all over the country constantly producing all India toppers. Our teachers are patient, experienced and masters of their craft. We are versatile, and our primary goal is to help as many people as we can in their journey towards achieving their ultimate dream.